Why Ireland

Located on the west of Europe with breathtaking landscapes and the world’s warmest welcome!

Located on the west of Europe

Ireland feeds the soul and energises the senses. From around the world, people come here to be immersed in nature and in the warmth of our people. Our visitors discover a culture that is brought to life in music, dance and stories. From the youthful energy and vibe of our cities to the tranquility and timelessness of our natural environment, Ireland offers an experience like no other.

Ireland an island at the edge of Europe, but at the centre of global technology development.

FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Constitutional Democracy
POPULATION: 4,832,765
Currency: Euro
  • Fully committed to being part of Europe
  • The Irish economy is the fastest growing in the Eurozone and is the 6th most competitive economy in the world
  • Ireland has been named the best country in the world for attracting high-value foreign direct investment for six years in a row
  • Only English speaking country in the Eurozone – and, following Brexit, the only English speaking country in Europe
  • Ireland has the youngest population in Europe with one third under 25 years of age and almost half the population under the age of 34
  • An impressive global reputation as a hub for Foreign Direct Investment
  • Best country in Western Europe to invest
  • 1st for adaptability and flexibility of workforce
  • 1st for inward investment by quality and value
  • 1st in the world for investment incentives
  • One of the top 10 most innovative countries globally

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